In-Ear Monitor for Drummers and Other Music Makers

Making Music with Harmonica
February 11, 2017

Whether you are making music using a harmonica, guitar or using drums, a good in-ear monitor comes in handy. In-ear monitors are recommended as they have been designed to block external noise, give you great sound quality of what is played on the other instruments, and help you keep the beat steady. Unlike earbuds, which will not block external noise and you have to increase the volume, monitors keep you safe. Follow the simple guide below to choose a good monitor for your music making.

Why In-Ear Monitors?

Learning to play any instrument is easy, and the challenge comes when you have to harmonize your playing with a band. In-ear monitors are ideal when need to control how much of the other instruments you hear allowing you to play your part with ease. When you need to enhance your performance in timekeeping and the band is playing in the same wavelength, in-ear monitors can help you, along with other equipment like flexible gooseneck tube for your microphones (which allow for easy positioning).

While you may be using conventional earbuds for stage monitoring, these will not block external sounds like they should, and you end exposing your ears to harsh sounds. In-ear monitors cancel noise, allowing you to use them at low volumes and therefore protecting your ears. This is especially important for drummers and other music makers playing loud instruments.

Custom vs. Universal Monitors

Universal monitors are made as one-size-fit-for-all, and they have no special features. Custom monitors, on the other hand, are designed to the specifications and the needs of the user, and this is what makes them special. However, the latter might be relatively expensive to fit into the budgets of some music makers.

Custom fitting monitors have added advantages of noise isolation and better fitting, but you can still get universal monitors with such great features. These customized monitors are created from impressions either through molding or 3D laser scanning. Whichever you prefer will be a matter of preference.

If your budget allows, you can set the specifications you need in a monitor. Consider features such as detachable earbuds, sound isolation, and noise cancellation among others when shopping.

Sound Quality and Comfort

The sound quality of a monitor needs to be unmatched. Besides protecting your ears, the monitor will be used when listening to music and as such, ensure you have the best sounds. The monitor should fit comfortably in your ear and be made of high-quality materials.

The sound quality of monitors for drummers allows them, and other music makers listen and coordinate their instruments with others to avoid being off-beat. A good sound signature ensures that the music comes off clearly and naturally without alterations.

Buy a Monitor Today

With so many monitor brands and models, choosing the best monitor for drummers, harmonica players, guitarists and other music makers might be challenging. Consider your budget and then buy the best quality monitor you can.

Ensure that the monitor you choose not only protects you, but also allows you to enjoy music and harmonize your instrument with others in the band.

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